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We aim to raise issues resulting from Farnborough Airport’s operations and changes to its airspace for the public in West Surrey and East Hampshire and we will engage with the eighty or so parish, borough and county councils and eight regional MPs.


Our aim is not to ban private jets but to ensure that the people and organisations that use them, and who cause harm to the public, and to the environment, take responsibility for this and pay for the harm they cause. We believe that the airspace is for everyone – not for organisations to profit from at the expense of others.

Farnborough Noise Group covers issues such as:

Pollution may be more of an issue to people near the airport while noise may be more of an issue in rural areas that previously didn’t suffer from aircraft noise. If you are looking at this page, you are probably impacted in some way by Farnborough Airport and the changes in airspace.


Farnborough Noise Group does not have “membership” because many of the people we communicate with would have to declare membership (e.g. Councillors, company directors, etc). Instead we provide factual information to people and organisations. We often challenge the relevant bodies such as Farnborough Airport Ltd, the FACC, Rushmoor Borough Council, the CAA, NATS and the DfT. We also engage with national and international aviation groups such as CAGNE, GALBA, BAAN and Flightpath Watch. We are members of AEF, Stay Grounded and UECNA.

The sorts of things we get involved with are:

  • Responding to CAA consultations (such as Farnborough’s PIR, the CAA’s Airspace Modernisation Strategy)

  • Measuring and reporting aircraft noise

  • Measuring airport pollution

  • Challenging organisations (such as Rushmoor Borough Council) to do what they should be doing regarding the airport

  • Reviewing complicated aviation documents and providing readable information to the public

  • Challenging the mistruths put out by the aviation industry about private jets, emissions and the future of aviation.

If you have a question or want to share information, send it to us and we can add it to the FAQs on the website. There is a lot of jargon in aviation so if this is new to you, we have a Jargon Buster page.

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