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Flightpath Changes

10th March 2024 

The Times has recognised the looming impact that the Airspace Modernisation Strategy (AMS) will have on people in the south east. There will be many more reports like this. It is a re-run of how the CAA "consulted" with people regarding Farnborough's flightpaths. You may think you aren't impacted by flightpaths now - well you could be. And by 2030 the government is planning for additional runways at Heathrow and Gatwick and 2 million flights a year.

The Times Feb 24.jpg

26th January 2024 

FNG has reviewed the information from the last meeting and provided a report here. This has been submitted to FAL/CAA. There are plans to put a holding stack above south Farnham, a new low-level flightpath between Biggin Hill and Farnborough, Heathrow's/Gatwick's flights will increase to 2m a year and GPS navigation will be used to concentrate more flightpaths, particularly over rural areas at 7,000ft. There will be more night-flights to increase capacity/cargo. The expectation is that Heathrow will get a third runway and Gatwick will complete its second runway. As we have seen from Farnborough, the concentration of flights using GPS flightpaths is at least ten times more aircraft overflying and a considerable increase in noise. You may think that concentrating the flights means that overall, fewer people will be impacted. No…. it gives the CAA the opportunity to put in more flightpaths. There will be nowhere in the south east that will be able to avoid aircraft noise.

AMS review pic.jpg

18th December 2023 

This is a new section to better cover the CAA's Airspace Modernisation Strategy (sometimes called FASI-S). There is an overview of it here. The CAA has been progressing these discussions and the public need to be aware of the proposals as there will be a significant change to the number of flights overflying them. The latest presentation is here and a review of it will be provide in the next week or so.

FASI-S pic_edited_edited.jpg
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