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Jet Users

Who are the people and organisations using Farnborough Airport, where are they going and why can’t they use alternative transport? The airport claims its customers are “business users” who “generate income for the UK”. This is not true – most are for the ultra-wealthy for leisure purposes, flying to holiday, second homes, yachts in the Mediterranean or ski chalets in the Alpes in winter. In the past, jets were usually owned by the people using them. Increasingly, aircraft are leased or there are “fractional owners” (aircraft owned and used by several people). This can make it hard to track who is using private jets. Of course some people are only too happy to show off their use of private jets on social media!  If you know who is using the airport, let us know…..

JCB private jet

JCB is a UK-based global business that provides copious green credentials and greenwashing through its Sustainability Strategy .....So why does if have a fleet of private jets and helicopters?

Nike private jet

Nike is another business that falls over itself to tell customers how it is saving the planet…. Then operates a fleet of jets.

Specsavers private jet

Specsavers is an offshore business based in Guernsey where corporate tax is 0%. Rather than use commercial flights, the business runs a fleet of aircraft – registered in the Isle of Man (another tax haven). 

Lego jet

Some businesses, like Lego, are trying to clean up their corporate image by selling their aircraft to an airline then renting/chartering them back.

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