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Safety is the primary responsibility of the CAA. Farnborough’s ACP was supposed to improve safety and in controlled airspace, it has, because there are fewer aircraft using it. However, uncontrolled airspace has become much more dangerous because more aircraft are compressed into less space. Aircraft using uncontrolled airspace have less safety equipment, are often less experienced pilots and aircraft are flying nearer to the ground. Uncontrolled airspace is used by jets and helicopters flying at 200mph as well as microlites and gliders flying at 40mph. It is a crazy situation that is a risk to pilots and anyone on the ground. Imagine a mid-air collision with debris falling onto a school or a fuel station…..

Farnborough controlled airspace

There can be insufficient height in uncontrolled airspace for aircraft to operate safely.

Helicopter fight paths

Aircraft are flying low, when they should be flying as high as possible.

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